All About Cloud Computing


Online services have become a must have for all our daily activities. The same goes right for the business world. Besides the offline activities and support, the online support is also very important. It is made possible with the cloud computing. It is one of the most required services over the internet. The core activities included in the cloud computing are storage and servers. The job is done by the cloud providers that offer their services by charging some cost. The cost of the cloud migration in Sydney depends on the kind and extent of the said.

Classifying the cloud services

The cloud services are classified according to two standards:

  • Location
  • Services

Classification according to location

According to the location the cloud is classified into

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid
  • Community

Public cloud services mean that the entire data is located with the system of the computing company that is offering the services.

Private cloud is handled at individual level. The infrastructure is in the hands of the core party and no information is actually shared with any individual or IT support in Chatswood.

hybrid cloud encompasses both the private and the public information. The data and information is kept private and shared with the other party as well.

Community cloud as the name indicates is the kind of cloud that has wider scope as it includes multiple organizations but serves a single goal.

Classification according to services

The clouds serve multiple needs and requirements. According to these services the cloud is split into

  • IaaS
  • PaaS
  • SaaS
  • FaaS

IaaS means Infrastructure-as-a-service. It is the most basic version of the cloud. The cloud provider extends the services according to individual needs against the payment.

PaaS or platform-as-a-service assists in testing, managing, developing and delivering the software applications. The services are provided to assist in developing apps for mobiles or the internet. With these services it becomes possible to handle the networks, database, servers and storages.  

SaaS is the other name for the Software-as-a-service. The intended under can get this kind of cloud either on demand or on subscription. It becomes possible to handle the multiple software applications along with the infrastructure to carry out the essential tasks like upgrading of the software’s or ensuring online security and safety.

FaaS that is popularly known as function as services is the advanced and developed version of PaaS. The task is carried out with the help of certain codes that are actually the functional blocks. These codes are the aftermath of particular events. The fee is too low because it makes no use of laas till the event is actually happening.

Benefits of cloud computing

There is a limited vision regarding these online services. People think it is merely sending and receiving email, watching favourite media and handling the documents. Today there are ample other services involved as well under this category. Some of the key services that are included under the title of the cloud services are as follows:

  • Handling different kinds of data through various updated apps and services
  • Hosting the internet based services
  • Streaming the favourite media of your choice
  • Data analysis
  • Calculating probability and deciding the future trends