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Parents Are The Blessing

Parents are the one who brings the child into the world without them have you ever think do you exist? No, because they produce you as a kid. Parents are the one who care for their kid without any reason it is only love and affection. They love their kids more than anything else in the world. Is there any comparison of parents love with someone else? But there are many people who leave their parents when they get married, they leave their parents because they need to make their own family, they leave their parents to make their dreams come true but, they have ever think about the parent’s dreams which they have seen for their kids. We as a kid of our parents easily get distracted and let us go our parents from our lives because at that time we only think about us our happiness through the whole life our parents keep our happiness first priority than their happiness that’s the difference which we cannot understand until we become parents. 

There are many incidents will occur when we have to take care of our parents when they become ill or one the parent died we have to give courage to another parent because at times they become kid and we kid become parent of our parents, after all, they are human they have certain emotions and they have hope with their kids but not everyone understands this and leave their parents for the career and for their own life. 

Most of the parents who want to live independent and want their kids to become independent, the parents send their kids after the age of 16 or 18 for the higher studies. There are many parents who send their kids to boarding school just to make their kids independent and brave. For example, when both parents doesn’t have a better understanding and they have kid who is now able to understand what is going between them what parents do to send their kids to the boarding school so that their kids stay away from all the tension and concentrate on their studies and the kid can become an independent because parents are getting divorced, in all this scenario only the kid have to survive. That is one of the reasons kids leave their parents because of their mistake and leave their parents to the old aged care home. Where they live and spend the rest of their lives. Trinity care is one of the best old aged care homes in Camberwell, where they provide all the facility and give the environment like home to the aged people where they feel comfortable.