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In big office, number of employees is also high. To provide important information person by person is difficult for the management. Therefore, notice boards are used to circulate the important information among whole staff and every staff member is known about notice board that there can be some important information at any time. Although important information can be circulating throughout the email but the notice boards change the communication ways with each other in offices.

When electronic mails are used for the communication with staff so there are lot of chances that employee will forget the deadline of the given task as emails are not automatically opened until and unless opened by us. As before deadline task is not complete you can lose your customers and with may decline your profit ratio. If you really want to promote activity inside your office so use colour coded notice boards that enable employees to see important information and deadlines every day. Placement of notice board is the most important thing it should be place like a stair, entrance of the office, attendance device, rest room or canteen etc. where employee have to go more than one time in a single day.

Deadlines given on the notice board effects the work performances, if you have not properly managed your notice boards so there are lots of chances of failure in the given task. You can select different colours of papers and pens for you notice board messages. One-time training session about the papers and pens used for notice board will guide the employees to understand the meaning of that combination of colours used over notice boards. If you have selected Red color for any urgent task and important work whose deadline is near, so employee will focus on that task with full efforts. Many other colour can be used to identify different information provided by the management.

Notice board also becomes inspiration of employees. Suppose, an office is running campaign of selecting best performer of the month and employee’s photo is attached on the notice board. This will encourage others to see their photo over notice board and performance level will increase and it will be helpful for the office regarding work. Also, there are many benefits of notice boards in the office. 

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