Rising Of The Packing-material-alternatives

All of us love the option many shops offer : which is online-shopping. It’s such a convenient way to buy your needs and wants. All you have to have is an internet connection and a laptop! Many researches have proven that online shopping is on the rise. With the rising of e-commerce simultaneously e-packing is on the rise. But there is no denying of how beneficial the good old cardboard box is when it comes to packaging. As we can stack precious items or ornaments or belongings into cardboard boxes in a near way, it will never seem to cease.

Why are card board boxes still the preferred choice??

No matter how many new products and alternatives are introduced to the market, nothing seems to overtake the usage of card board. But, why is it like that? People tend to always go for card board boxes as they are durable. It has a long life span as the paper used to produce it is pulp. It has a strong effect. Not only that, card board boxes are strong. We can guarantee that are stuff will be stored safely in boxes. As it is not that easy to be damaged it’s strong. It’s way lighter than any other packaging material for sure. It’s even lighter than plastic! It’s recyclable as you can use it for a lot of purposes and carry various things. The most convenient thing is that it is cost effective and you can buy custom packing boxes from any convenient store. Unlike other materials card board boxes are affordable and because of these reasons card board boxes are still in demand.

What are air pack systems???

Air pack systems are like inflatable bags. This alternative for packaging is on the rise and business owners are loving it! Usually with card board boxes we use bubble wrap to keep our items in place preventing it from breaking but with air pack systems you don’t need to purchase bubble wrap as it has it’s own feature which does the same thing as a bubble wrap! These are really light weight and even your kids can carry it around for you. It even comes deflated!! So it will not take up much of your space. Moreover when you ship it you won’t be charged much. Unlike cushion products made of polythene or toxic items or items with chocking hazards air pack systems are much more safer and eco friendly.

What are padded mailer bags??

Similar to air packs, padded mailer bags is a method that is on the rise. As it is a convenient way to ship tools or fragile things it is becoming the latest choice. As it has a padded inner layer you can safely store or ship your belongings. Just like how you nice buy cardboard boxes now you can purchase padded mailer bags with no fear!! Now you are aware of the best modes of packaging.